Custom Concrete and Gunite Swimming Pools in Jacksonville

a triangle shaped custom concrete pool in jacksonville fl


For those who have a specific design or plan in mind, or just want the uniqueness of a one-of-a-kind pool, Concrete and Gunite pools are a good choice for those in Jacksonville, FL. These pools cover the mid to upper price ranges, the durability is great, and you have no limits in shape, size, or color.  There are many mixtures of concrete and plaster-like materials that have trademarked names, but the construction technique is generally referred to as a Gunite or concrete pool.

Concrete Pool Benefits

There are many benefits when it comes to concrete swimming pools. Like previously mentioned, there is no limit to the size, shape or color of the pool. One factor to consider is that the landscape will also have to be considered into the design, as this can place some restrictions on exactly what is possible. Many people can feel overwhelmed that they don’t have the experience to design a pool-that is where Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros comes in-we have professional designers who have done every variation imaginable and can walk you through a process that will present you with options that delight.

Concrete pools are becoming more and more popular due to their structure and flexibility in design. They are built inground, and use a wooden frame to build out the lining for the concrete to be poured. This is commonly referred to as “Cast In Place” concrete. After the foundation frame construction is complete, concrete solution is then poured to fill the lining of the pool, giving it its unique shape. 

Gunite Pools

Simply put, a Gunite pool is a concrete pool-its that the method used to lay down and secure the concrete is different. Unlike “Cast In Place” concrete pools that are formed with an outside and an inside foundation, Gunite pools use a rebar framework and then concrete is sprayed down and free-formed. This can be more ideal for clients who want the concrete finish, but a sturdier frame to hold the lining of the pool.

Sometimes you might also hear the term “Shotcrete” pool. Shotcrete and Gunite use the same method to form the shape of the pool, but Shotcrete is pre-mixed with water, whereas water is introduced to the mixture at the nozzle with Gunite. This can understandably be confusing to those shopping for a custom pool. To be honest, there isn’t much of a difference between Gunite and Shotcrete, and if you do want to dig into the details further, we would be happy to discuss this with you on the phone.

How is a concrete pool installed in Jacksonville?

Before any custom pool is installed, it is best to make sure you understand the required steps, and have a time frame set in place. After selecting and finalizing the design, our team will then start the pool construction process by digging out the shape of the pool. The framework will then be placed and filled with the concrete or Gunite solution. After the proper amount of drying time, we can then finalize the project by adding in additional features like custom stairs, waterfalls and rock features, or a custom spa. Before installation, our team will be available to go over all requirements and timelines, and answer any questions you might have.

What is the required maintenance on a concrete pool?

Just like all pools, concrete and gunite pools require maintenance to keep their beauty. Here are a few tips for you to consider after your project is complete to keep your pool looking new.

  • Avoid salt water- concrete can become damaged over time when exposed to salt
  • Maintain proper calcium levels in concrete pools
  • Maintain proper Ph levels
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on your pool filters and pumps
  • After your project is complete, our professionals designer will go over how to care for your new pool, and give you our pool service and cleaning options

How much does a concrete pool cost?

Like all custom designs, pricing depends on a variety of factors and is completely customized to your project. Typically, an average concrete pool will cost about $30,000, but this can be tailored to your budget. At Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros, we are committed to providing the most competitive pricing on the market. Contact our specialists today for additional information on pricing, and any other questions you have regarding your concrete/gunite pool selection. Our team is standing by to help assist you in any way.