Inground Swimming Pool Building FAQ

an indoor pool in jacksonville floridaThere are many questions that need to be answered before investing in a pool building project in Jacksonville. This is a big decision that needs to be thought through fully before taking action. Luckily, at Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros you’ve got an entire team of people that will step you through the whole process at your own pace–we only want your business if it makes sense for your situation, and want to make sure that you get exactly what works for you. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding pool builders and inground pool installation.

How much does it cost to build a pool?

The usual answer that most people get is, “It Depends”. However we realize this is not helpful, and it does help to have some rough guidelines to help sculpt your decision. The national average for an inground swimming pool is around $25,000 to $30,000. The two big options are fiberglass pools or concrete pools, but if the size and depth are equivalent, the price is pretty close for each option. The more customization you choose, the higher the price, whether that is the pool shape, size and depth, lighting options, finishing options, and the pool deck surfacing. We have tons of options available and can give you a rough quote over the phone after you tell us what you’re looking for and your budget requirements.

Can I get a free design estimate?

Whether you want to get a design estimate over the phone, in our design studio, or in your home, our pool design consultations are always free and complimentary. Additionally, you get the added benefit of a professional designer that will help you sculpt the pool project that works best just for you. We recommend an in-person consultation as with this option we can show you our previous design and construction work, and show you the various options available.

How long will it take to build my Jacksonville swimming pool?

Our Jacksonville pool builders are efficient with their time, while also paying attention to quality. With this in mind, it takes the average pool project about four to eight weeks to complete. Obviously the weather can affect the project, and could increase that timeline since concrete requires certain conditions during the pool construction process.

Is there an average pool size?

The great thing about custom inground pools is that we can design the size to best fit your backyard landscape and/or your budget for the project. However, on average a pool is approximately 32 feet by 16 feet. The depth of the pool is another factor to consider, and if you want a diving board, the pool will be dug considerably deeper, which can add to the cost.

I would love to add a spa to my Jacksonville pool. Is this expensive?

If there is enough space in the landscape, and based on the size of the pool, an inground spa can be added to the project, and can look wonderful once integrated fully. Adding a spa has the potential to be expensive but might be worth it for you based on your needs. Each situation is different and we can quickly give you an estimate after discussing the rough pool specifications.

Why should I trust you with building my pool?

Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros have been doing this for decades, and know that the best way to delight customers is to focus on the quality of the work, and also to leverage our existing relationships to get cost advantages. We never cut corners on our work, and have tons of happy customers over the years. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider choosing us.