High Quality Fiberglass Pools For Jacksonville Residents

a fiberglass pool in jacksonville fl with blue bottom and pretty grey rocks

Fiberglass pools come in many shapes and sizes these days, and for many people, these pools are the best option for those desiring virtually no maintenance on the pool surface over its lifetime. We have many fiberglass pool options available. Some shapes and sizes are quite inexpensive, while others can rival large custom concrete pools in price.  They are very durable, and are probably the most common materials for new pool construction (depending on the location). 

Fiberglass was once only used for the marine industry, and it was primarily used for boats and other such applications. Its introduction to the pool industry changed the face of pools as we knew it. Fiberglass is ideal for use in the construction of pools. It is very resistant to the build of algae and does not tend to crack, streak or wear as quickly as concrete and other pool materials do. In terms of sturdiness, it out does vinyl and concrete hands down. The fiberglass is actually tiny glass fibers that are strengthened using a polymer. This makes the composite material very resistant to damage and wear.

Benefits of a Fiberglass Pool

A major benefit to buying a fiberglass pool in Jacksonville FL is that it has a very low maintenance cost when it comes to the pool surface. Concrete based pools require resurfacing about every decade or so, and the concrete can be too abrasive for some people. Concrete, and even vinyl effect the water Ph levels. Fiberglass has a virtually zero effect on the water in the pool. The gel coat surface of fiberglass is a non-porous surface, and as such, will be much better than concrete when it comes to resisting the growth and development of algae. This also means that you wont have to use as many chemicals to keep the algae at bay.

Another benefit of these types of pools is that they are built off-site in a controlled manufacturing environment, and because of this, they can be installed much faster than a custom concrete pool. Pool installation time varies based on the size, landscape, and complexity of the project but generally, it could take as little as 3 weeks to install.

There are some disadvantages that one must consider about fiberglass pools. For one, the sizes and shapes are limited to what is being offered by the manufacturer. We offer a wide range, but you can’t design a custom shape much like you could if you were installing a concrete pool. Rigid fiberglass shells are of the best quality material, are used in many different applications besides pools, and are often less expensive than concrete.

Fiberglass Pool Decks

One way to really enhance the look of this option is to go with a custom concrete or tile pool deck, which can look absolutely fantastic, and most people probably wouldn’t know the difference. Modern fiberglass pool builders can offer hundreds of different models in dozens of colors.  Remember that a fiberglass pool’s shape may be predefined, but its final appearance is up to you and our amazing pool designers.

If you’re looking for a fiberglass pool, be sure to give us a call. We’d be happy to send you over some free information and brochures to show you all the innovative shapes and sizes we offer. If you are looking for a concrete pool, with a complete custom look and feel, then check out our page for more information on concrete pools.