Inground Concrete and Fiberglass Pools For Jacksonville FL Residents

As an experienced inground pool company found in Jacksonville we focus on concrete pools (also referred to as gunite), fiberglass pools, and vinyl lined swimming pools. We take great pride in our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Jacksonville Pool Building Pros is the leading swimming pool contractor in Jacksonville, and it is our aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to pool designs and pool construction. Lastly, we are also well equipped and read to service or repair your pool.

Inground Pool Installation

We style, strategize, set up, and maintain customized pool for our customers. We include above ground pool installment as well as in-ground pool installment. We can easily work with a landscaper and provide your backyard that sanctuary you have actually been looking for. Setup can easily vary on average a swimming-pool installment can easily take about 4-6 weeks until it is ready to be utilized. When the swimming-pool is installed we will certainly additionally educate you on the procedure and maintenance of your swimming-pool

Custom Made

Other custom-made attributes that we can easily set up feature customized lighting, popular music, slides, scuba diving boards, water function and various other water design. Along with these customizations we also supply automated pool covers, automated sanitizer systems along with automated water leveling services.

The Pool Construction Process in Jacksonville FL

1. Pool Design and Proposal

Our design experts have an eye for creating beautiful pools, and will custom design a plan that you can experience and approve via 3D model before construction begins. Our swimming-pool designers and specialists will take lots of factors into account when making the excellent pool for you. These factors to consider include the dimension of your household, the level and type of entertaining the pool will provide, and well as the design of the yard or various other locations where the swimming pool will be installed. We at Jacksonville Pool Building Pros can easily make and create a pool that not only fulfills your expectations, but also suits your way of life and budget. When our pool design experts arrive at your residence or place of commercial business, they will conduct a full assessment on the property and all the attributes necessary for creating the perfect pool for your space. During this visit our experts will also have a thorough discussion to find a design and plan that best fits your needs. Once the swimming pool 3D models and cost assessments are completed, we will conduct a consultation to get your approval for the pool construction plan that best fits your needs.

2. In ground Pool Excavation & Plumbing

After the pool design plans have been approved, we will acquire the appropriate construction permits, and start the pool excavation process.  We use various types of excavation equipment, depending on the space available, and take great care to not disrupt the current landscape of your home or business. Once the excavation is complete, we will reinforce the in ground pool shell with steel rebar. The last part of this step of the pool construction is to install the plumbing components.

3. Pool Concrete Installation, Tiling, and Deck Layout

In this part of the pool construction process we will start to lay down the actual concrete structure over the existing steelwork. You will be able to start to visualize the pool design that you previously approved. The decorative tile for your backyard in ground pool will be installed next, according to the design plans. We are meticulous about details and making sure the pool tile layout looks perfect according to your standards.  To finish off this step, we will install the pool deck according to the pool design specifications.

4. Pool Finish and Start Up

This is the last step of the pool construction project. The interior of the pool will be coated with your selection of materials and colors, such as Pebble Tec or Diamond Brite coatings. Once these pool coatings have effectively cured, we will accomplish the long awaited step of filling your pool up with water to do the final stage of pool testing, inspection, and pool certification.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Jacksonville Pool Building Pros recognize exactly how overwhelming having a pool can easily be. It is a major financial investment. That is why we make it our task to see to it you recognize everything associated with the creating, setup, and maintenance of your pool. Call now and schedule a cost-free quote today!!