Pool Repair and Resurfacing for Jacksonville FL Area

a high quality pool pump that was repaired in jacksonville flordia

There are many parts and systems in a pool that need to be maintained properly in order to prevent problems and damages that cost a lot of money. These systems are complex and can be difficult to solve by merely trying to do-it-yourself when it comes to diagnosing and fixing the issues. It is best to have one of our experts at Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros come out to fix the problem. Our pool technicians have seen every type of issue imaginable and can quickly get to the bottom of things.

Expert Pool Repair

A swimming pool is one of the biggest investments for your home or property, and unfortunately things do go wrong sometimes. If you wait to get your pool repaired, this could cause further damage to the infrastructure or components. One of the biggest potential problems are pool leaks, and it is very difficult to detect where the leak is coming from since the pool is full of water, and there is no easy access to the bottom of the pool. We use special tools to detect leaks and can quickly get to the bottom of things. Whether its a pool leak, some re-plastering needs, or a malfunction with the filtering system, we can fix it all.

Additional List of Pool Repair Services Offered:

  • Repair Diagnosis and Cost Estimate
  • Neglected Pool Restarts
  • Pool Filter Cleaning, Repair and Replacement
  • Acid washing
  • Tile Cleaning and Scale Removal
  • Pool Leak Repairs
  • Algae Cleanup
  • Salt System Maintenance
  • Pool Vacuum Repair
  • Pool Light Repair and Replacement
  • Pool Inspection
  • and many more…

Pool Pump Repair

A clean and pristine pool requires running a pump around 8 hours daily in order to circulate all the water through the filtering system. If your pool pump is not working properly, or it is not currently functioning, the water in your pool can become stagnant and start to breed algae. It can be difficult for a home owner to assess the issue at hand with a pool pump. At Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros, we focus on getting out there fast to assess the problem, and usually can resolve the issue in one visit so that you can resume the enjoyment of your pool. We sell and install a wide range of pool pumps for residential and commercial customers in Jacksonville FL. Whether you have a small saltwater pool or a large, chlorinated commercial pool, we carry the right pump for any pool. Whether your pump is making a strange noise, failing to pump water, or not working at all, you can depend on our experienced technicians for service. Some other common pool pump symptoms include:

  • Pool pump does not pull the water
  • Pump assembly is leaking
  • Pump motor does not turn on
  • Pool pump is sucking air
  • Pump seems to be loosing power or force
  • Pump motor just simply hums but doesn’t do anything

Pool Resurfacing

Every situation is different depending on maintenance and usage, but the typical swimming pool will need resurfacing about every 8 to 10 years. When you start to see “etching”, which is brown, grey, or tan patches on the surface, this usually is the first sign. If your pool cleaning efforts can’t get rid of these stains, then it is time to start planning. Another sign that your pool needs resurfacing is that you have to constantly refill your pool, and it appears that it is not holding water correctly. Resurfacing your pool in Jacksonville is a task that no one wants to do, but it is extremely important because a proper pool surface will prevent leaking from happening, which can be disastrous. We have a wide range of options to re-seal and re-beautify your swimming pool and you’ll be surprised at how much better a fresh surface on your pool will look.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

A pool deck can add a lot to a your Jacksonville pool, but as it gets old, starts to crack and discolor, it can take away from the overall feel and enjoyment. Is your pool deck showing some signs of aging, or is it just time for a pool deck remodel? Instead of pouring a new pool deck, concrete pool deck restoration is something that we can easily do, for an affordable cost. Our design team at Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros is ready to assist you with selecting the right pool deck resurfacing option for your taste and budget. A concrete overlay can be easily customized to your desires and will do wonders for the overall look of your backyard.

Pool Renovations

Is it possible to take an existing small rectangular pool and turn it into a custom shape with water features and a new pool deck? Absolutely! This is a viable option for those who want a pool refresh, or have bought a home that has an existing pool but they don’t like the antiquated look or the features it has installed.  Options that are possible with a Jacksonville pool renovation include: custom shapes and depths, add water features, add slides and diving boards, custom masonry/tile/brick, install new LED lighting options, add screen enclosures, and many more.

Emergency Maintenance

Additionally, we provide emergency assessment and repair on Jacksonville swimming pools. Give us a call and we can quickly send one of our highly experienced technicians over to help you deal with any type of pool Emergency. At Jacksonville Pool Building Pros we know just what an investment your pool is, that is why we aim to offer the most effective operational and products. Call us today for your service and repair needs!